Canine Therapy Corps: What It Is

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Canine Therapy Corps

With years of experience in marketing, project management, and public relations, Nadia Bedricky has lent her skills to companies including PromoGroup/Net 10 Division and PEPISCO – both in Chicago. A dog lover, Nadia Bedricky also worked with greyhounds through Canine Therapy Corps.

A non-profit organization, Canine Therapy Corps encourages people to improve their health through the power of the human-animal bond and animal-assisted therapy. The non-profit organization has offered free therapy services since 1991.

Canine Therapy Corps operates many programs. Advocate Children’s Hospital Outpatient Pediatric Therapy works with young children, particularly focusing on speech, occupational, and physical therapies. Ariella Joy Frankel Keshet Day School works with autistic children between the ages of 5 and 13 to help improve communication, sensory processing, and social skills. Heartland Alliance visits teenaged boys at group shelters. Most are dealing with immigration issues and waiting to reunite with their families.

Canine Therapy Corps relies on the generous support of the public, either through donations or volunteer time. To learn more about how to help, visit


Life Skills Programs at Grace Centers of Hope

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Grace Centers of Hope

A former brand ambassador and team lead for PromoGroup/Net 10 Division, Nadia Bedricky possesses extensive experience in marketing, project management, and public relations. Dedicated to helping her community, Nadia Bedricky has supported organizations as Grace Centers of Hope.

Since 1942, Grace Centers of Hope (GCH) has been helping people recover from homelessness, abuse, and addiction. This is accomplished through its one-year residential rehabilitation program.

Offering both a men’s and women’s program, GCH helps individuals and families transition to stable employment and housing as well as sobriety. Its life skills program focuses on finding the reasons why they find themselves separated from God, and how to establish or re-establish that connection. The program equips participants with practical tools to lead productive lives and defeat their addictions.

Over the course of the year, participants are given the tools they need to succeed in their lives. The program provides daily meals, personal hygiene services, clothing, and Bible study. Participants are also given the opportunity to receive group and individual counseling, along with financial planning assistance and access to GCH’s education and career center. In order to join the life skills program, individuals must be at least 18 years old, possess valid identification, and be homeless, a victim of domestic violence, or addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Annual 19th Women Helping Women Luncheon and Fashion Show in May 2017

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Women Helping Women

Communications and marketing professional Nadia Bedricky formerly served as a brand ambassador and team leader for PromoGroup/Net 10 Division in Illinois, where she handled brand marketing and other services for the Arena Football League. Beyond her professional pursuits, Nadia Bedricky supports Grace Centers of Hope, a faith-based outreach organization that serves individuals and families facing homelessness and other disadvantages. Grace Centers of Hope will host its 19th Annual Women Helping Women Luncheon and Fashion Show in May 2017.

The Women Helping Women Luncheon and Fashion Show welcomes supporters and contributors of Grace Centers of Hope to enjoy an afternoon of food, fashion, and a charity auction. A morning preview of the silent auction will kick off the event, followed by a luncheon and fashion show featuring some of Michigan’s leading designers. In addition, the event will raise awareness of women’s issues regarding homelessness and addiction while celebrating women who managed to overcome these issues. Event organizers set a fundraising goal of $200,000 from ticket sales and sponsorship, and proceeds will benefit women’s programs administered by Grace Centers of Hope.

Grace Centers of Hope’s 19th Annual Women Helping Women Luncheon and Fashion Show will take place May 6, 2017, at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester, Michigan. Attendees may purchase tickets individually or become a sponsor to access group packages and other benefits. For more information on attendance and sponsoring, visit