Canine Therapy Corps: What It Is

Canine Therapy Corps pic
Canine Therapy Corps

With years of experience in marketing, project management, and public relations, Nadia Bedricky has lent her skills to companies including PromoGroup/Net 10 Division and PEPISCO – both in Chicago. A dog lover, Nadia Bedricky also worked with greyhounds through Canine Therapy Corps.

A non-profit organization, Canine Therapy Corps encourages people to improve their health through the power of the human-animal bond and animal-assisted therapy. The non-profit organization has offered free therapy services since 1991.

Canine Therapy Corps operates many programs. Advocate Children’s Hospital Outpatient Pediatric Therapy works with young children, particularly focusing on speech, occupational, and physical therapies. Ariella Joy Frankel Keshet Day School works with autistic children between the ages of 5 and 13 to help improve communication, sensory processing, and social skills. Heartland Alliance visits teenaged boys at group shelters. Most are dealing with immigration issues and waiting to reunite with their families.

Canine Therapy Corps relies on the generous support of the public, either through donations or volunteer time. To learn more about how to help, visit


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